BullBell Warm-Up Exercises

The importance of warming up cannot be overlooked. Besides getting your muscles, joints, ligaments and mind prepared for a great workout, it’s one of the best ways to avoid injury and keep a healthy body. A good warm-up should elevate your heart rate and have you breathing moderately heavy.

Pick 2-3 warm-up exercises and go for 1 minute each.
For extra burn: Do 3 warm-up exercises, 2 minutes each consecutively, OR try 1 minute each for two rounds.

● BullBell Weighted Butt Kicks
● BullBell Swings
● BullBell Squats
● BullBell Weighted High Knees
● BullBell Weighted Jog in Place
● BullBell Weighted Arm Circles
● BullBell Slingshot
● BullBell Overhead Warm-Up
● BullBell Bob and Weave
● BullBell Halo

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