BUllBEll Shoulder Exercises

Your shoulders are one of the first things people see. Shoulders keep your body upright and aligned. Strong shoulders are a critical component to a properly functioning body. These exercises will get your body looking and feeling right.

Pick 1-3 exercises and do the recommended number of reps & sets for each.
Warm Up: 25 reps with no weight or lightweight (1-3 sets)
Muscle Toning: 15 reps with light to medium weight (3-4 sets)
Muscle Building: 7-10 reps with moderate to heavy weight (3-4 sets)

● BullBell Clean ● BullBell Bottoms-Up Clean ● BullBell High Pulls ● BullBell Tall Kneeling Press ● BullBell Half Kneeling Press ● BullBell Overhead Press ● BullBell Push Press ● BullBell Clean and Press ● BullBell Clean and Push Press ● BullBell Single Arm Squat and Press ● BullBell Thruster (Squat and Press) ● BullBell Snatch ● BullBell Farmer’s Carry ● BullBell One-Legged Clean ● BullBell Weighted Tree Pose Rotations ● BullBell W Raise ● BullBell Pullovers ● BullBell Close Grip Press ● BullBell Single Arm Press ● BullBell Wide Grip Press ● BullBell Read Deltoid Raise ● BullBell Read Deltoid Fly ● BullBell Front Raise ● BullBell Lateral Fly ● BullBell Shrugs ● BullBell Raise Complex ● BullBell Raise Complex Variation ● BullBell Lateral Rotation ● BullBell Internal Rotation ● BullBell Shoulder Circles ● BullBell Arnold Press ● BullBell Alternation Shoulder Press ● BullBell Reverse Shoulder Circles ● BullBell Delt Row

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