BullBell Leg Exercises

It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small, or regular-sized. Legs are your single biggest muscle group and you should never skip legs day.
If you only use the BullBell for one thing, use it to work your leg muscles.
Strong legs lead to a strong back and upper body, and will help keep your entire body moving and functioning properly.

Pick 1-3 exercises and do the recommended number of reps & sets for each.
Warm Up: 25 reps with no weight or light weight (1-3 sets)
Muscle Toning: 15 reps with light to medium weight (3-4 sets)
Muscle Building: 7-10 reps with moderate to heavy weight (3-4 sets)

● BullBell Goblet Squat● BullBell Racked Squat ● BullBell Racked Reverse Lunge ● BullBell Side Lunge ● BullBell Lunge with Rotation ● BullBell Double Lunge ● BullBell Static Lunge and Press ● BullBell Lunge and Press ● BullBell Clean, Squat, and Press ● BullBell Overhead Reverse Lunge ● BullBell Overhead Walking Lunge ● BullBell Pistol Squat ● BullBell Tactical Lunge ● BullBell Overhead Squat ● BullBell Deck Squat ● BullBell Side Lunge, and Clean ● BullBell Double Back Squat ● BullBell Single Side Back Squat ● BullBell Overhead Squat ● BullBell Hamstring Curls ● BullBell Calf Raise ● BullBell Curtsy Lunge ● BullBell Extended Front Squat ● BullBell Glute Bridge ● BullBell Isometric Hold-Reverse Lunge

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