BullBell Full Body Workouts

These full body workouts are designed to get your entire body moving, pumping and feeling great! Whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain or both – full body workouts will help you achieve your goals.  You should be breathing heavy and feeling warm after doing these workouts.

Pick 1-3 exercises and do 20 reps of each
Extra Burn: Pick 3 exercises. Do 25 reps of each without putting the bag down.
Go three rounds for extra credit!

● BullBell Push-Up Complex ● BullBell Turkish Get-Up ● BullBell Reverse Turkish Get-Up ● BullBell Windmill ● BullBell Side-Stepping Swing ● BullBell Lateral Swings ● BullBell Swing Two Hands ● BullBell Single Arm Swing ● BullBell Swing Changing Hands ● BullBell Thruster Toss ● BullBell Burpees ● BullBell Wood Chop ● BullBell Shin Kick Pad ● BullBell High Kick Pad ● BullBell Uppercut Pad ● BullBell Jab Pad ● BullBell Hook Pad ● BullBell Knee Pad ● BullBell Butt Pad ● BullBell Elbow Pad ● BullBell Manmakers ● BullBell Static Lunge and Press ● BullBell Lunge and Press ● BullBell Clean, Squat and Press ● BullBell Overhead Reverse Lunge ● BullBell Overhead Walking Lunge ● BullBell Weighted Spider ● BullBell Manmakers ● BullBell Clean ● BullBell Bottoms-Up Clean ● BullBell Single Arm Squat and Press ● BullBell Thruster (Squat and Press) ● BullBell Snatch ● BullBell Farmers Carry ● BullBell Overhead Warm-Up

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