BUllBell Back Exercises

A strong back will keep your body healthy and feeling great. Did you know that over 1 million back injuries happen at work each year? You can help avoid such catastrophes by maintaining strong back muscles and exercising regularly.

Pick 1-3 exercises and do the recommended number of reps & sets for each.
Warm Up: 25 reps with no weight or light weight (1-3 sets)
Muscle Toning: 15 reps with light to medium weight (3-4 sets)
Muscle Building: 7-10 reps with moderate to heavy weight (3-4 sets)

● BullBell Row ● BullBell Suitcase Row Exercise ● BullBell Renegade Row ● BullBell Single Arm Deadlift ● BullBell Single Leg Deadlift ● BullBell Manmakers ● BullBell Mornings ● BullBell Single Arm Row ● BullBell Double Row ● BullBell Dead Row ● BullBell Deadlift ● BullBell Warrior Row ● BullBell Bent Over Fly ● BullBell Standing Back Fly ● BullBell W Raise

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