BullBell Arm Exercises

Without a doubt, having strong, defined arms looks great! But did you know having strong arm muscles can also help prevent back and shoulders injuries?
Strong arms allow you to keep pressure off your back and shoulders when you’re lifting everyday objects. This might mean bags of cement if you’re a construction worker or bags of groceries if you’re a soccer mom.

Pick 1-3 exercises and do the recommended number of reps & sets for each.
Warm Up: 25 reps with no weight or light weight (1-3 sets)
Muscle Toning: 15 reps with light to medium weight (3-4 sets)
Muscle Building: 7-10 reps with moderate to heavy weight (3-4 sets)

● BullBell Bicep Curl
● BullBell Tricep Press
● BullBell Tricep Kickbacks
● BullBell Skull Crushers
● BullBell Dead Curls
● BullBell Tricep Bench Dip
● BullBell Bar Curl
● BullBell Bar Crushers

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