How to Activate BullBells

☝️Watch the video above AND be sure to read the instructions below for additional details

Pro Tip: It’s best to activate BullBells in a sink or bathtub

Activation Method 1 (best for Medium & Heavy BullBells):
Activate the BullBell

  1. Remove the small refill pouches and put them to the side
  2. Make sure the large refill pouches are laying flat inside of the BullBell
  3. Pour luke-warm water (not hot) into the BullBell for approximately 2 minutes (or until the BullBell appears full)
  4. Pour excess water out of the BullBell
  5. Close the zipper and towel off any excess water
  6. Activate the small pouch by pouring water directly on it – Note: all pouches should be stored inside of the BullBell when not in use.

Activation Method 2 (best for Lite BullBells):

  1. Remove the refill pouches from the BullBells
  2. Pour luke-warm water (not hot) directly onto the refill pouches for approximately 1 minute (or until the they appear full)
  3. Hold each pouch in the air for a few moments to allow any excess water to drain
  4. Put the pouches inside of the BullBells. If using multiple size pouches, always insert the larger one first.