BullBell Ab & Core Exercises

Abs, abs abs! The holy grail of working out. Let’s unlock the cheat code for obtaining great abs! Constant and consistent work, along with diet, will help you achieve great looking abs. But it’s not just about looks -a strong core keeps your entire body strong and healthy!

Pick 2-3 exercises and go for 1 minute each.
For extra burn: Do two minutes each consecutively, OR go for three rounds, 1 minute each.

● BullBell Sit-and-Press ● BullBell Straight Arm Sit ● BullBell Hip Thrust ● BullBell Weighted Crunch Twist ● BullBell Crunch Press-Up ● BullBell Standing Oblique Crunch ● BullBell Plank Push-Up ● BullBell Weighted Leg Crunch ● BullBell Weighted Spider ● BullBell Sit-Up ● BullBell Foot Lock Sit-Up ● BullBell Leg Crunches ● BullBell Butterfly Crunch
● BullBell Team Ab Toss ● BullBell Pullovers

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