BullBell Reviewed – First Impressions

Mike takes us on his fitness journey where he shares his story about how he almost died when he had a heart attack. He ended up in the hospital for 45 days and in a come for 26 days. He had spent quite a while working on getting some muscle back when covid hit and the gyms closed up.

Watch it all here in the Mike G BullBell Experience:


Hey my name is Mike I’m from San Clemente and I just got a brand new set of BullBells pretty excited to show you guys how we activate them um i’ve never done it so from what I understand it’s really easy so we’re gonna kind of give it a whirl so I guess they’re water activated um they’re really light and this is this is four bags right here so I’m really excited to see how it works out we’re gonna use I’m not gonna do it outside I’m gonna do it out here come with me I’m gonna do it with my hose.

let’s start with the little ones first so um from what I understand I read about them and what I was told about them is there’s a there’s like a gel that goes inside so it’s like a it’s not really a bean bag or a sandbag but it’s just a little bag that’s inside so the really cool thing about it is this shipped and I went to pick it up like I got down on it like all right here we go here comes some weight and it’s so freaking light so um now I’m trying to like put wrap my arms around the fact that it’s gonna get heavy so we’re gonna put some water in it and see how it goes and then I think the uh the really cool thing about these two is you can replace these bags so okay you don’t drain the bag but maybe I do want to go on a trip and I’m gonna because I’m actually heading up to seattle in like couple weeks and if I want to take these with me I can actually just get replacement bags and just bring them up and I can fill them when I get there and just kind of toss them they’re not that expensive so it’s pretty awesome if you want to travel with them so I’m gonna go ahead and fill it up right now.

I’m just gonna put that right in there like that

it’s filling up right now

you guys stop and give it a check real quick yeah it’s filling right up it’s not coming out or anything either so it’s all staying in there that’s pretty cool and they’re really soft

you could definitely do this in your sink I just didn’t know any better so I figured i’d do it outside but it looks like you could totally do this in your sink it’s not leaking at all

all right so it’s got a lot of water in it what I’m probably going to do is let that soak in a little bit and kind of let it go because you can see it already it’s filling up these bags it’s already filling the bags up inside so and by the way I don’t just go around filming everything I do there’s kind of a promotion with these so if I I’m filming this because if I film it up it’s for a free t-shirt I’m kind of short on t-shirts so I’m gonna get a free t-shirt for filming this they just kind of wanted to see how it works and so I’m doing it yeah it’s heavier now for sure that’s pretty cool just gonna pour a little excess water out

yeah it’s crazy it’s it’s heavier than all those put together with that that are empty

yeah and they look dry right now which is funny so it’s soaked all the way in they just look like they came that way it’s like completely dry pretty wild I think there’s some magic here some sorcery but yeah wow that’s crazy super super contained and super soft really and I don’t know I mean this is just filled up so I’m not sure if it gets it would really even get any softer but it’s it’s definitely it’s full and right there like you can see it just just from doing it um like it’s got some serious weight so like I said it’s heavier than all those we can get those it’s heavier than all those put together dry so pretty awesome I believe this is I guess this is called the small but I think it’s somewhere in the 5-10 pound range because you can feel it I’m definitely getting something for it but I think you could easily do typically like I would do shoulders with something like this you know awesome the handle was something I was curious about so um I’m gonna go pretty deep in this review but the handle I was wondering how it was gonna swing but like it’s perfect I don’t know if you can get that on the camera but there’s some sort of silicone or something plastic in there so it really swings super easy I was expecting it to catch but it swings super easy it’s any way you would go it’s kind of constantly being pulled to the ground so that’s pretty cool um let me go ahead and fill up another one put that one there I filled up I filled up two bags and just um to kind of go over what I got there are different packages for for the BullBells and what I did is I got the elite package it’s an elite combo they call it um I kind of went for it because I don’t have I have dumbbells you know I always went to the gym so I was at the gym all the time I um I kind of backtracked a little bit I got really sick like two and a half years ago I had a heart attack um and I was really young for that and just kind of came out of nowhere and I almost lost my life um that could be an hour-long story I’m not gonna go too far into it but I had a heart attack and I wasn’t gonna make it for you know 26 days coma 45 days in the hospital miracle recovery I got just crazy lucky so then when I finally was able to get home I don’t know if um if anything anybody’s ever happened to you but when you atrophy like if you lay in your bed I guess it’s two weeks two weeks is all it takes if you’re in a coma for two weeks or you’re immobile for two weeks for every single muscle to completely disappear and I mean I can’t I can’t stress that enough like if you if you put your arm out it just drops down there’s just no muscle at all so I had to rehab that and I was I came out firecrackers everything was good I did all my rehab I was just like so blessed and I was really lucky that I could start to work out again and I actually started finally be able to go back to the gym again which was crazy and I started to get in really good shape I went in the hospital 234 I was so sick when I came out I came out at 168 and then while I was at the gym I was getting uh like to about 180 185 is where I want to be and it was it was happening and then covet and when covid came it was like it was so devastating because I worked so hard um and I think anyone could probably relate to this story if you were really really in the swing of things in your workout when covet hit if you were really cranking it that was like wow I’m hitting all my goals or what you know for me it was like it’s just a miracle that I could do all these things and then they shut it down on me and I was like fine I guess I’m gonna have to try and get a gym you know and it’s gonna be expensive I’m gonna figure it out i’ll make room in my garage and I couldn’t get anything there was such a run on workout equipment fitness again I mean you could probably get a band or you know I don’t even know a jump rope or something like that but you couldn’t get weights and if you could it was a kettlebell and it was six hundred dollars and then you gotta ship it you gotta ship weight right so then a friend told me about the BullBell and when I got the BullBells I i was like okay this this this is gonna work they can ship me the blue belt they’re in stock and so I was like okay cool so what I’m doing now is I’m filling them up and this is really gonna it’s gonna change everything for me because as of now I wasn’t able to get any workout equipment I don’t have anything here um like I said actually I do I shouldn’t say I have some five pound ten pound dumbbells um that are just you know they were really to tone up here and there when I was working around the house but with what i’ve seen the exercises for the BullBell if you go on the website it’s crazy you can do anything you do with anything else like you can do all your kettlebell all your dumbbell you can do all like so many exercises I don’t even know you can use it as a seat so I don’t want to go too far into that but I just want to say that um it’s kind of it’s uh it’s it’s saving me in a way I was getting depressed I i was couldn’t believe I was going backwards after everything i’d accomplished and I think we can all kind of relate to that with what happened with covid so I just kind of wanted to throw that out there let you know I did get the elite combo bag because I’m going to use this for everything and to continue my rehabilitation so I’m gonna go ahead and fill this one up

and obviously this is gonna take a little bit longer it’s bigger

so if you take a look at this if you want to film this for me this is the um this is a medium bag so medium weight um you have a couple of light weights that’s what we filled up the first time this is the medium right here so all I’m doing is just filling that up um but this is the medium soups I got that wet sorry but so um then there’s going to be two of these and then there’s going to be a heavy and the heavy is really cool because I like to train I like to kind of kickbox I like to punch and do like I’m not mma by any means but that bag’s really cool to work out with a friend if if you switch off holding the bag while the other person’s kind of kicking it or punching it or whatever you want to do um the person holding the bag if you’ve ever held a bag it’s it’s it’s a workout in itself and then you can switch off and it’s kind of cool to work out with a partner that way

you can see that if you want to get in there there’s the bags in there they’re just filling up I mean this thing probably weighed a pound I don’t even know the way to pound maybe I don’t it’s just like negligible whatever it’s honestly so light until you fill it up that’s kind of crazy I don’t know who came up with this but it’s uh it’s like space age material I’m just watching you can watch it just grow in there it’s getting bigger and bigger you see it right there it’s filling up it’s like it’s just going right in but not coming out pretty cool

so here we go I’m going to pull this out if there is any excess water um kind of getting better with each one you just figure it out um yeah see like I nailed this one the last time I had a lot of water in it but it’s full it’s I’m I’m sort of struggling it’s it’s got weight man it’s heavy it’s really really heavy so there came there was an instruction pack that came with it um you know I gotta be honest with you I’m not gonna bore you with all this there’s two more to fill up for the video for the sake of the video because I think people want to know how long it takes you’ve seen me fill up two it’s probably about 10 to 15 minutes tops to fill all of these up no big deal um I mean there’s just nothing else to do it’s you know it’s the first thing I’m realizing is it’s like I have a kettlebell that’s soft and it’s it’s also not like the dumbbells the dumbbells that I have in my van I have a van and I go camping all the time and I like to bring things with me but they roll all over they’re hard they come off you always have to kind of screw them back on your hands kind of smell like grease there’s just like none of that with this at all and I mean to be able to set up your home gym in you know let’s call it 15 minutes 15 minutes to set up your your whole home gym and you can you know they don’t hurt anything and I’m going to kind of get into that after this I don’t want to bore you with setting it up but I’m just gonna do a couple exercises and show you some of the things I think are awesome all right so I’m filling up I kind of want to show you this I’m filling up the big one um this would be like the heavy bag and inside you know the bags are a little larger than the ones in the smaller packs so I’m finding that there’s some water in the bottom and it’s because it’s not really soaked all the way and so what I’m going to do is just kind of adjust them a little bit and I think that’s something if you’re watching this video and you just got your bags or something or if you’re watching this before you buy them just kind of remember on the big one um it’s you just they’re bigger bags so you kind of just want to move them around in there to make sure the water evenly kind of distributes through the bag yeah it’s actually going in you can feel it as soon as I spawn it it’s starting to fill up the other one the other end been short on time but I i would uh I wanted to get some exercises in um because I did you know I didn’t want to just show you how they look I want to just kind of do a couple things that I would normally do so I’m going to bring these down here I have a little area I’m going to bring them to by the way this is the heavy bag and the heavy bag you know after I was filling up the smaller bags I was thinking when I picked this thing up it’s going to be pretty heavy and it’s heavy it’s like heavy enough that you’ll be able to use it for what you would want a heavier bag for but as you can see right here this is the first thing I thought of when I picked it up I was like this is going to be great for these raises and it really is and it’s it’s heavy but I think uh I think everybody would want one of these because I’m thinking if I put this down for example the cool thing about both the that I’m realizing about bull bell is there’s like I said over and over they’re soft so like if I needed to I could sit down on this this is where I would probably do anything that I wanted to do seated if I was gonna you know do any kind of ab workout I could use this one or a medium bag but right there I can feel it it’s I mean it’s awesome and I’m off the ground um if you needed any kind of bench this would this would serve as my bench so maybe you know for for a guy that’s that’s looking for heavy weight this is fine you’re going to need this anyway but if you’re thinking oh maybe I don’t need the big one maybe you’re um you know just starting to work out or maybe some of the the ladies they’re thinking I don’t need a bag that that big um this is going to come in handy even if you’re not using it to lift with but it’s going to like for example I could probably if I was going to do some sit-ups I could probably use this yeah this would spot me no problem so I could just have the bag on my feet and just you know

my feet are not moving at all and it doesn’t hurt it’s it’s kind of like if you had somebody holding your feet so it’s um you definitely I i recommend getting the whole combo elite combo and I recommend videoing it so you get a free t-shirt so I’m kind of it’s funny I’m kind of winded already so you can tell it’s working um I think the first thing I thought of when I filled these up was uh shoulders you know and I’m you know I surf a lot um that’s pretty much all I was able to do uh when the gym closed so I’m kind of excited to start you know just um let me get a little room but just doing some shoulder exercises yeah it’s perfect it’s and like I said they spin um it’s kind of genius I’m sure um they tested this in a lot of ways but I don’t if you use a kettlebell if you’ve used the kettlebells they don’t they don’t spin in your hand um the closest thing I can think of is if you’re on um kind of one of the machines at the gym and you know some of them are some of them spin with you and it’s much easier to work out with that’s how these are so for example if you were doing curls they come right up with you very easy yeah so this is awesome um I could think of any any anything you’d use a kettlebell for but also with a dumbbell like because these are gonna go and they’re just really easy to use I wonder if I could do I’m gonna try this

this is an ideal space i’ll probably rearrange this now that I got these but I kind of want to see

yeah so this is this is perfect so right here if I wanted I could use the medium bags but I could definitely use this as a bench and I can actually feel that flexing in my stomach so I could use this as a bench I could probably do some flies yeah no problem and it spins with you so super easy to do flies um I don’t want to stop because it actually is kind of working it’s working good wow yeah so you could use that as a bench that was one of the first things I thought about and then the medium bag is gonna yeah medium bags got weight too this is awesome I mean these are really awesome so you could work your way up with any exercise starting with the small I think with the small you can even yeah so you could even hold two smalls if you want wow you have a lot of combinations with these they’re just really easy to use really soft um I kind of want to talk about because we’re losing light here but I did want to talk about um traveling so I i camp I go surfing I take my van maybe even if it’s only two hours away or if I go somewhere for the weekend and I always take my dumbbells in the van and um because that’s all I have no gym and it’s miserable um if you’ve ever traveled with dumbbells they roll around they clank around they beat up your car this is something I can’t wait to have with me so if you’re living van life right now you would want this you these are going to be great seats they’re going to be um you know obviously for working out you know I don’t think uh most people buy a workout gear to sit on but I think these would be awesome in a van so even if you just took a few for the day or if you were going on a long trip you could work out anywhere you anywhere you go and it won’t hurt your car so yeah I mean overall um I’m kind of blown away so um trying to think if there’s anything else you want me to demonstrate but yeah these are these are incredible um I’m kind of winded because uh they work so okay so um that’s pretty much it for my video I kind of went uh over everything I really wanted to show you what it looked like empty I wanted to show you how easy it was to set them up like I said they’re dry I sat on the thing everything’s amazing the versatility I think is there I mean some check boxes right if you’re going to get fitness equipment this kind of checks them all I don’t think there’s a can’t think of anything you can’t do with these so I’m really happy that you guys watch the video anyway that’s pretty much the video um you know like I said I hope this gets me the t-shirt but I’m really happy to use these I’m really happy to show you guys this but before uh I talked a lot about my van it’s right down there so what I’m going to do is I’m just going to actually run down and kind of show you what I deal with with the dumbbells real quick because I know where they are because I drove with them in there today and I heard them clank on my door so I’m going to go down and just kind of show you what I was talking about there all right so um you get a good sweet picture of the van so this is the van I was talking about Iike um go all over in this thing it’s like a little mini home and um I camp all over California you know you go to Mexico whatever you know what van life’s about so like I said when you go away you don’t want to break your routine and um that’s kind of what I’m really excited and I can tell you for a fact the last time I drove the van um was was this morning and I heard my dumbbells rattling around so um it’s like you gotta open uh anything in there will roll around but when you open this like so they’re in the back

oh well there you have it there you freaking have it so here this one didn’t go this one’s good but yeah you see I’m every time you pick them up if you have these you gotta screw them on every time because they I don’t know why I don’t know if they don’t can’t afford washers but so these are what I bring around and it’s just not a lot of weight and they still take up a lot of room so um you know the van the van is like I said just like a mini home so you want it to be comfortable especially when you’re on the road this is all the space you have and then the bed pulls out so when the bed pulls out you only have this space but we have room underneath they’re gonna fit they’re gonna fit i’ll even show you where they’re gonna fit but here’s what i’ll show you like it’s just crazy they they wouldn’t hurt anything I mean you would never do that in your car with a dumbbell so yeah that’s a that’s a huge success as far as I’m concerned

yeah so that’s how I would do it that’s how I would do it for the shot and for the t-shirt to set them up but yeah so they’re going to be awesome for traveling um these things are never coming with me again a matter of fact I don’t I don’t need these anymore these are stupid so um yeah and I know I don’t know if you know if you if you have a van or whatever everyone everything has a compartment there’s a compartment in the back these will slide right in and like I said i’ll just use them shoot if I was thinking in that this would be a great pillow right there so that’s it pointless like these are worthless and I know I just said that uh like honestly I don’t need these anymore and put them away but like for the video and for real like they’re trash so I’m actually just going to throw them out you know what else I don’t need anymore these I these these actually hurt my hand after holding the bow belt the ball bell is so soft and so easy on your hand that this actually bothers me and it’s only a six pound weight but seriously that’s it I don’t need them they’re worthless

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